Welcome to the Mariposa, CA Branch of AAUW!

Members gather for an old fashioned

Town Hall Meeting

What projects should we keep, tweak, or toss?  What new areas should we explore?  Co-Presidents Sandi Gabe and Dawn Johnson were “all ears”, listening to the many ideas presented by all members able to come.  Find details in the September Newsletter.

Member Meetup

This is the “come-when-you-can” and “talk-about-what-you-want” informal gathering where we have the opportunity to talk about issues, events, concerns, or just plain visit!  At some meetups we may focus on specific topics with a brief program and branch news in addition to conversation starters. These are scheduled for different days of the week to accommodate our many varied schedules.

For your calendar, here are the monthly dates (subject to change). The venues, topics and times are TBD, so continue to check the newsletter and website for updated information.

  • Friday, Sept. 7:  5 pm at the Grove House
  • Saturday, Oct. 6: 9 am at Pony Expresso
  • Wednesday, Nov. 7: 5 pm at Sweetwater Deli
  • Saturday, Dec. 1:  9 am at Pony Expresso
  • Tuesday, Jan. 15: 5 pm at TBD
  • Saturday, Feb. 2: TBD
  • Friday, Mar. 8: TBD
  • Saturday, Apr 20: TBD
  • Thursday, May 2: TBD
  • Saturday, June 1: TBD