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Creative Aging Series

Part II: Be Positive – Recap

More than 20 passionate presenters helped make the Creative Aging event a success.  Participants were treated to clever “infomercials,” decorated tables, special mascots, helpful handouts, clever costumes, lively demonstrations and mainly an abundance of enthusiasm and positivity. The generosity and energy of our presenters gave the participants a taste of many tempting ways to age creatively!

Part I: Be Prepared – Recap

Our panel of experts presented simple, effective ways to meet your needs creating peace-of-mind for you and allowing you to concentrate more on the fun side of retirement.

  • Anita Bryant, Attorney-at-Law, addressing wills and trusts 
Creative Aging – Wills and Trusts Handouts
  • Cindy Harp, Life-Only and Accident and Health Agent, speaking on insurance needs 
  • Morris Jones, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Manager, discussing emergency preparedness
Creative Aging – Emergency Preparedness
  • Jennifer Lobaugh, Deputy Sheriff, warning about elder scams, cyber security, and identity theft
  • Martha Jo Patterson, Attorney-at-Law, sharing secrets to paying for nursing home care
  • Shawna Petrushkin, Certified Financial Planner, addressing financial planning
Health, Wealth and a Confident Retirement
  • Sandi Gabe, Co-President, sharing how to compile practical information that others might need to know
Sample list

Creative Aging – Home Organizers

Letter to My Spouse