Welcome to the Mariposa, CA Branch of AAUW!

Pack your s’more stick for the AAUW “SUMMER CAMP” ANNUAL MEETING!

  • Sunday, May 7
  • 3 – 5:30 pm
  • Darrah School House Park (corner of Triangle and Darrah).

Our AAUW year is coming to a close and we’ve earned a vacation at summer camp!

Channel your inner Girl (or Boy) Scout and come to this year’s spring Member Gathering and Annual Meeting.

We’ll nosh on casual campfire fare–hot dogs and such–and mingle with friends, review the year, elect 2017-2018 officers, meet our plethora of new members, and tell some campfire tales.

It is not necessary to label your underwear, BUT it is necessary to pack a few things:

  1. Your annual renewal check for $84 (ONLY if you do not intend to renew online! An online renewal email will be sent out shortly from National AAUW).
  2. Your best smile if you want a new photo taken for the directory.
  3. A campfire tale to share (watch your email for details on that!).
  4. A buddy you want to introduce to AAUW (or just if you’re afraid of the dark).

Practice singing Kumbayah!  See you there.